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Somebody's Watching Me

a python module using omegalib and osgearth to view crime data of Chicago

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Welcome to the homepage of my first project of Fall 2013 Semester, Somebody's Watching Me, project 1 of Professor Andy Johnson's Computer Graphics II course.


Generally speaking, this app allows you to:

  1. 'flying' around whole earth as a 3D interactive environment both in your laptop and in the CAVE2
  2. switching background between 2 maps and 2 aerial photo versions
  3. map the location of crimes in Chicago in recent years on the environment with capability of multiple filters
  4. jump to one of the 77 community areas in Chicago fastly
  5. analysis crime data per community area as function of the time of day, day of week, or season of year
  6. watch the City in 'real-time' as crimes happening
  7. see the CTA 'L' lines and realtime location/heading feeds of all the trains

Read detailed desciption of all the features of this app.

Download and Install

  1. have omegalib and osgearth installed. If you are using Mac, here is a nice instruction by Victor
  2. download the source code from Github or on top of this page
  3. download data files: zip | tar.gz, and put them directly in the project directory
  4. to run the project, do as following:
    $ >cd [omegalib_build]/bin/
    $ >./orun -s [where_you_put_the_project]/

Note: some scripts in Github repository are not necessary, so you can download source code and data resource all at once here (zip) or here (tar.gz)

About the Data

Data used in this project is coming from different sources, including but not limiting to

More info about the Data

Interesting Findings

Using this app, we are able to look into the data and discover things. See more info about what I found